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Regional Innovation in Puglia (Italy)

 Area and Population

Situated at the south-eastern tip of the Italian peninsula, Apulia territory has an extension of 19.365,80 km2, covering about 6.4% of the national territory. The Region has a population of 4.080.000 inhabitants (est. 2008) and a density just above the national average. In 2008 it was equal to 211 inhabitants per km2. Apulia is divided into six provinces (the 6th province Barletta-Andria-Trani was instituted in 2009)


Due to its geographical position, Apulia does represent an important economical and cultural bridge joining Continental Europe with Mediterranean countries.
The Region is characterised by:
• a vast economic market (more than 4 million inhabitants);
• a logistic and integrated commercial platform in the centre of the Mediterranean area, which is able to trade effectively with other economic markets of Northern Europe, Balkans, Mediterranean, Asia;
• a good infrastructural system including bridges, airports, telecommunications, railways;
• a large supply of services and investments for new and developing enterprises;
• young, dynamic and specialized labour force;
• an excellent educational system, involving graduate and post graduate offer;
• a public administration system, highly focused on the needs of enterprises on innovation, research and development.
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