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access to finance

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Improving access to finance for SMEs is crucial for entrepreneurship, competitiveness, innovation and growth.

Small innovative businesses often have difficulties financing their growth and innovations. MET 3’s project partners provide consulting services to SMEs, on their early growth stages (start-up and development), in order to identify, connect and establish successful financing mechanisms with financing organisations (i.e. business angels, venture capital, and stock markets specialised in SMEs and high growth companies).

Getting an innovative firm off the ground or expanding it requires money, but financing SMEs is a risky proposition for financiers. Innovative and growth-oriented small businesses need to raise capital (equity investment) from external sources, because they do not have their own resources or cannot access loans. However, many investors are reluctant to invest in start-ups and innovative firms because of the high risks and transaction costs, or because they estimate that the expected returns will not compensate for the risk.
MET 3’s project partners provide customised services to innovative SMEs, in order to improve all stages of the equity finance process and to promote growth and innovation: improved technology transfer (getting ideas from universities and research bodies to the market); increasing investment in firms, both early-stage and expansion-stage; and creating opportunities for investors to exit.
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