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  • Newsletters
    The newsletters will be distributed to Policy Makers, SME representative organizations and relevant institutions across Europe.
  • Mediterranean Technology Transfer Open Days
    Synthesis of activities implemented,stakeholders participated & topics presented.Assessment of project's impact on regional innovation systems.Cross-fertilization of experiences between project partners, stakeholders & beneficiaries.
  • International TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER Conference-Proceedings
    MET3 Open Conference will deliver a proceedings leaflet incorporating the articles/presentations of the conference, list of participants, key outcomes, strategic directions, etc. It will be distributed to policy makers and associated bodies.
  • Technology Transfer Good Practices Toolkit
    A catalogue of technology transfer good practices & tools on commercialisation of research results.
  • Agrofood & Biotechnology Technology Based Opportunities (TBOs)
    Identification of appr. 20 TBOs on Agricultural, food, food safety, animal health diagnostics, plant biotech, cosmetics, wood & textile biotech, blue (marine) biotech, etc.
  • Energy & Industry Technology Based Opportunities (TBOs)
    Identification of appr. 20 TBOs on energy technology, wind, solar, biomass, biofuels. Development of processes and materials for use in industrial applications. Software technologies, next generation ICT networks, mobile applications, etc.
  • Environment & Life Sciences Technology Based Opportunities (TBOs)
    Identification of appr. 20 TBOs for safer & better use of water, soils & recycling. Diagnostics, drug discovery tools, proteins, biomarkers, etc.
  • Exploitation Seminars
    Implementation of 6 exploitation seminars to discuss specific Technology Based Opportunities (TBOs) & Exploitation plans.The seminars will reveal the market, legal (IPR) and other conditions to be fulfilled before promoting to targets.
  • Technology & Innovation Portal
    Design and development of a technology & innovation portal for dissemination of Technology Based Opportunities in MED area and assistance on identification of research commercialisation practices & practitioners.
  • Technology Transfer Missions
    Visits and presentations to regional beneficiaries (eg. SMEs) in order to demonstrate the TBOs and exploitation ideas and actively seek for creation of partnerships, development of business matches, licensing in/out, creation of spin-offs etc.
  • "Technology Transfer Profession" Regional Seminar
    Organisation of 1 mega-event in Athens with key speakers from international associations (ASTP, Proton,WIPO) and other experts on “The emerging role of Knowledge & Technology Transfer Profession”.The seminar wil mainly target TT beneficiaries.
  • Technology Transfer Commersialisation CB Seminars
    Organisation of 6 Capacity Building Seminars for regional Knowledge & Technology Transfer Professionals including topics such as “Creating Effective Marketing & Commercialisation
    Strategies”,“Valuation of IP” etc.
  • Technology Transfer Human Capital CB Seminars
    Organisation of 6 CB seminars for regional TT Professionals covering topics on the “soft” side of innovation & the role of “human capital”. Issues addressed will cover “Networking”, “promotion of entrepreneurial strategies”,etc
  • Transnational Technology Transfer Model (Modular Toolbox)
    Roadmap consolidating the practitioners and policy recommendations in a modular toolbox per participating region, technology transfer topic and the Med space in general.
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