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Among the difficulties faced by most Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) and Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs) in MED and elsewhere is that of building effective Research-Industry partnerships. Technology transfer involves the processes of capturing and sharing explicit and tacit knowledge and includes both commercial and non-commercial activities.

In particular, EU has identified the transnational dimension of technology transfer as one of ten key areas for action on its Innovation Strategy based on the lack of interegional cooperations and joint approaches. The LP, National Hellenic Research Foundation, has identified partners of high caliber sharing experiences, tools and moreover the vision on setting such a Transnational Technology Transfer (TTT) initiative. The project brings together seven regions (Attiki, Voreio Aigaio, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Puglia, Murcia, Andalucía and Crete) from France, Italy, Spain and Greece with a variety of profiles but common needs and perspectives on improving TTT methods and assisting regional stakeholders to develop strategic partnerships.
The project will deliver a network on Technology Transfer targeted to MED needs and accommodate profiles ranging from the “blue chip coast” PACA to “low tech” Voreio Aigaio. MET3 aims to develop a modular toolbox for integrated TTT and thus facilitate exploitation of research results by taking into account technology and other “soft” aspects of the process.
In this section you can find more information regarding the project, the partners and the activities.
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