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Tech Transfer Summit Europe 2011
15 September 2011 (839 reads)

19-20 September 2011, Paris, France

Technology Transfer, Collaboration, Partnering & Licensing

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Innovation Days 2011
15 September 2011 (842 reads)

Innovation Days 2011 is the only international life science event in France. This annual event appeals to global executives from companies that make up the leaders of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

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5th International Conference on ICT in Agriculture, Food and Environment (HAICTA 2011)
12 September 2011 (891 reads)

September 8-11, 2011, Skiathos Island, Greece


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East-Meets-West on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Congress and Exhibition
08 September 2011 (793 reads)

1-4 September 2012, Nicosia


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New insights into open innovation policy in Europe
08 September 2011 (784 reads)

The study Open Innovation in Europe: effects, determinants and policy  has been made public.  The study provides novel insights into open innovation and tackles the concept as a multi-dimensional phenomenon rather than a singular best practice.

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EU-funded project protecting pollinators
02 September 2011 (926 reads)

Two new studies have been published as part of an EU-funded project that aims to find ways to conserve Europe's pollinators and ensure they continue to deliver pollination services to crops and wildflowers.


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HORIZON 2020 - Future and Emerging Technologies
01 September 2011 (819 reads)

This is a new section containing the report on the workshop of 29 June.

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